Advertising Advantages

Building upon its existing business of Digital Cinema, SLDS provides the benefits of Digital delivery and projection to the advertising fraternity by providing digital Cinema Advertising. SLDS delivers advertising solutions for national, regional and local marketing needs to its advertisers. SLDS provides targeted and affordable branding.

Cinema Advertising - Value For Money
Cinema advertising is a medium offering advertisers the opportunity to reach their target consumers in a captive, distraction-free environment. Cinema advertising is becoming a more essential, strategic part of the media plan, for many brand categories.
High levels of transparency, such as logging of actual advertisements played, which enhances advertiser confidence in the medium.
SLDS Digital Cinema provides huge saving to the advertisers, making the medium one of the most cost effective audio visual medium of advertising
  • No Additional Prints - In case of traditional In-Cinema Advertising, each theatre requires a separate print, but SLDS system require only one print or one Beta Tape and the ad can be played in any number of theatres as required.
  • Different language commercial can be played in different states as per the requirement of the advertisers, with SLDS digital Cinema System. In traditional In-Cinema Advertising, if the Advertiser wishes to play an ad in different language, he requires those many prints. This cost is completely eliminated with SLDS system as one Beta Tape can suffice the requirement of playing the commercial in different languages in different states.
  • Quality of the commercial remains unaltered irrespective of the number of airings. In traditional system, the print has a restricted life; therefore after playing a commercial for sometime, it needs to be replaced, which is a recurring cost.
Digital Quality
Digitization of the commercial ensures high quality images & sound. SLDS is capable of delivering high definition images. Thus ads shot on high definition format can be displayed on SLDS system with no loss of quality.
Multi Lingual ADS
In Digital format of advertising the system is capable of multiple language support thus eliminating the need for separate prints for different languages. The system can provide multiple language options.
Faster Wide Spread Release
With no print cost in the SLDS Digital Advertising format, the advertiser can release their ads in greater number of theatres.

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