Management Team


F. Usman Faheed has successfully completed his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Business Administration at the University of Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. His hands on experience, starting as a Management Trainee under his Father Dr. Usman Fayaz while he was doing his bachelors degree, enabled him to achieve better results as his formal academic education was backed with practical hands on experience in business.

Today F. Usman Faheed sits on the board of several private limited companies in India as a director and brings along with him valuable experience that he has gained in the past. F. Usman Faheed has extensively traveled the world over and is the Honorary Consul of Union of Comoros in Chennai.

With his new and innovative strategies F.Usman Faheed has single handedly set-following companies viz., Onesource Techmedia Limited in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal for the roll out of Sony 4K digital cinema, also in E Cinema category at Sri lanka( SL Digital Solutions) and Nepal(Nepal Digital Cinema) respectively.

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